Monday, April 1, 2013

Beach Head colors...

Here's Jason's Beach Head commission all colored up by the amazing Simon Gough. I've been working with Simon for nearly 2 years now. It's amazing how quickly that's gone. It's been great to see how quickly he's improved from being a great comic colorist to a phenomenal one! He's constantly pushing himself to learn more and try new things. This one in particular I got to see a mid-process shot as he was working out the complicated lighting for a piece like this.

He's been on a tear coloring up loads of my new pieces to be made as available prints. Remember any color piece you see on the blog, are ALL available as prints. Just email me to work out the transaction details.

BeachHead colors - 517

Color Prints available to purchase. $15 prints plus $5 shipping for US customers!

Original inked line art

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  1. You and Simon make a heck of a team and this BeachHead is no exception! Keep 'em coming, guys!

  2. OMG I must own this!! You do the BEST Beachhead art and those colors are grand!!

    1. Shoot me an email, I've got prints available. Thanks for the kind comments!