Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dr. Midnite....

Here was another commission completed at Heroes Con, These last few (Dusty and Covergirl, Avengers, Beachhead) were for people that have waited and have been incredibly patient with me to get these done. I still have a few more to get through, and as always I do my best to make it worth your wait if you've been on my list for awhile now.

I've had to change up how I handle commissions and convention sketches/commissions these last few months. Before my workload got so crazy I could handle my full list at the show, with maybe 1 or 2 that still needed done. I had a list of commission requests on the side and I'd be able to fit them in during the break between comic issues or on a day when I needed a break from a page. It was all casual and worked out great for 4-5 years early on in my career.

In the last 2 years I've simply had more work than I can do, day in and day out. With a freelance type of job, it's near impossible to know what my schedule will be like a month from now, sometimes even a week, or even the next day. So, good problem to have, and I'm not complaining, but an unforeseen consequence, it did mean that I had to put my commissions on hold while I got the deadline work done.

Now, my commission list is officially closed and has been until I catch up on this backlist of commissions to do. I no longer take home sketches from shows that aren't done at the show unless it's understood that it will feed into my regular commission list and will probably take a while to finish.

I always go home with the intention of getting it done the next week. Sometimes I do. But more often than not lately, work piles up while I'm gone and I get stuck back into the deadline grind before I can turn them around.

It's been a learning experience the last 1-2 years and I've finally got a handle on what my limits are with this new status quo. I appreciate all the requests, and wish I could get to them all. But that's just not realistic with my schedule. My plan is to work through all these I have at the moment, then as soon as Im done, I'll open my list up to 5 spots. As soon as those are filled, it will close until those are done.

I'll be having my art dealer handle the entire transaction. Mike Alexander, MGA deals, will be handling my original art sales and commissions from now on. He knows me, knows my schedule and that will ensure a better turn around time from when the commission is taken.

This has been on my mind a lot lately, and this seems like the best place to clear the air and make sure everyone knows how I need and want to move forward with my commissions. Thanks again for everyone that's been so supportive and has been following my work over the years.

Finally, now back to the actual sketch I did at Heroes Con of Dr. Midnite! DC Comics character and a foundational member of the JSA!

Dr. Midnite - 526

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