Monday, April 8, 2013

Dusty and Covergirl...

This was a commission I was finally able to get done at Heroes con last weekend. Dusty and Covergirl from GI JOE. Strange enough, I actually have another Dusty and Covergirl that I need to wrap up soon as well for someone else. Popular combo I suppose. Fun to draw both. I feel like Dusty rarely gets the best "screen"time in recent comics or on the cartoon back in the day.

This is what I think a great special missions book would look like. Dusty and Covergirl  take out a terrorist cell, maybe associated with Cobra, maybe not. But a chance to spotlight small 2-5 person special ops teams to go and accomplish an objective in a single story comic. You could easily have rotating writers and artists. But it would be a great chance to spotlight the auxiliary characters whose specialties lie with very specific fields.

I'm going to start calling these team ups "Special Missions Commissions" I realized I have  a few already. I've got a few more to do, maybe after they are all done I could collect them into a sketchbook and we can all wish each was a cover to a really cool story. sigh.

Dusty and Covergirl - 524

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