Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GI JOE #5 Retailer's cover...

This is the cover for a specific store called Heroes and Fantasies down in San Antonio, Texas.  I'll be going down for a store signing when the issue comes out (Sat June 29th). I hope anyone down there can make it out for a free sketch card and come to see me at the store! Fred Van Lente and other creators will be on hand as well for signing and sketching.

This was my first crack at the new uniforms and team that was assembled for the current GI JOE team. It's an interesting take on the group, and as always it's fun to draw these character in any incarnation!

BTW, Shipwreck is super intense now. Just a heads up...

GI JOE #5 - 518

Penciled Line art

My initial layout for the cover. In penciling it I realized I forgot to include Doc and Tunnel Rat. Luckily there was some room to squeeze them in on top of the MOBAT tank.

I think this would be a fun team to draw for sure.

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  1. I want this cover. :( can't get there to buy a copy