Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IDW Signature Plate - Destro 2....

Here's another Destro sketch for the IDW Limited, Signature series books. I'm doing these sketches on an illustration board that will be inserted in with the books.

I've also started co-hosting a podcast with the Star Joes podcast. We are doing a segment called
 STAR JOES: A Real Animated Hero. Ryan Drost and I are re-watching all the old GI JOE cartoons from the 80's starting with the 3 miniseries. You can find the recordings here: Episodes 96 and 99.  Or you can search "Star Joes" on iTunes. It's been a lot of fun re-watching these old cartoons. The first miniseries centered around the MASS device as I've show it here in the background. I wanted to put something in the background that was a classic Destro invention from the cartoons. I might get a little crazy and throw in some Weather Dominator action in another sketch.

Destro - 539

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