Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wonder Woman Kingdom Come...

Here was the last sketch I was able to get to at Heroes Con. I have more to post, but I mean on the day, I was doing my best to make sure this got done by the end of the show.

This young lady asked for a Wonder Woman commission from the graphic novel Kingdom Come. A fantastic self contained DC Universe story. Beautifully painted pages by Alex Ross and a fresh new take on the characters and costume designs. A must read for DC Comics fans.

So I did the preliminary sketch and realized right as I was about to ink it that Wonder Woman has 2 costumes in that book. A variation of her regular costume, and an elaborate armored version. I thought I better ask the lady before I ink it. I finally got to talk to her on the last day of the show, and she wanted the armored version!!! I quickly made the revisions on the pencils and was franticly inking this more detailed costume to make sure it was done. My wife was sitting beside me cheering me on, because she really wanted this girl to get her commission done in time.

Here's the end result and a fun commission to end the day on!

Wonder Woman KC - 525

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