Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CrocMaster GI JOE Battleground art...

Hey guess what....MORE GI Joe Battlegrounds art! I know you're surprised. Well everyone is finally finding out why I've been so crazy busy lately. I've been working on the new GI Joe: Battlegrounds game. We get to draw GIJOE and Cobra characters all day long and it's a blast! On top of this I've had other commercial art jobs and comic covers all keeping me busy as well, and it's been pretty insane juggling it all. 

But in the end I've produced a crazy amount of work, and it's been on properties that I love, so I'm not complaining! For Croc Master here, you can see in my initial prelim there were just a few pose changes I did to make it a bit more dynamic and add the whip. The prelim was based on the pose they suggested, and then I made a few revisions for the final. 

Croc Master - 569
GI Joe: Battleground art

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