Monday, May 13, 2013

More Create your Own Character examples...

I've posted these figure templates on my blog before. My kids love doing these with me, where we come up with a backstory and I fill in the details over template figure mannequin.

As always, please feel free to use these at home, schools, or whatever event that you need to keep kids busy or creative! You'd be surprised at how quickly they get into this and come up with some pretty great ideas.

Project Comic Con, in St. Louis this coming Sept. is going to do a kid's Create-A-Hero contest where kids can use my character templates and submit a character of their own. They need to come up with a backstory, a name and description of their powers. They will draw their version of the costume on the template and submit it to the contest. There will be a panel of judges to decide who wins. The convention is setting up different prizes. One of the Grand Prizes is a free sketch from me of the winning kid's character done in full detail!!

Here's an example from my son Connor, he came up with a character called "Dragon Fist". I did the finishing details on the costume but all directed by my son. So this is all his idea. 

Dragon Fist - 559

I wrote the list of his powers as Connor dictated, but Connor wrote in his Origin himself. I love that the dragon blood makes this guy more greedy! The character is a total mercenary. He'll do anything for a payday, and hordes his accumulated riches, much like a dragon. 

This is the kind of thing we're hoping for in the contest. Any kids planning on being able to make it to Project Comic Con, start brainstorming!

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