Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scarlet revisited...

Here's a Scarlett commission I did quite a long time ago. I think back in 2009. It was just a pencil sketch in someone's sketchbook. I had only vaguely remembered doing it. Then my good friend Shane Simek bought it off eBay for crazy cheap. (I'm not gonna lie, it wasnt by best work by a long shot)

So Shane brings it to me at a convention and asks if I can ink the penciled sketch and kind of "Fix" it in the process. (or in other words...."look you did a crappy job the first time, so I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself")

I took on the challenge and inked it up at a convention, I think Heroes Con 2012. Shane liked the inks, and I completely redrew her head and face specifically. I like the new version quite a bit better. The only problem is that the now erased drawing of Scarlett's head drawn so hard on the page initially, it left these grooves on the past. Kind of a "ghost" image of the previously terrible drawing.

The impression of the previous lines ran across the lower half of her face, and Shane pointed out that now it made her look like she had a 5 O'Clock shadow..... ugh.

So the only way to fix this new problem was to apply some marker tones over the whole sketch. I knew this would be difficult and something I couldnt do at the con (since I didn't have my markers with me). But also, because the sketch paper this was on was barely better than typing paper. I knew it wouldnt take the markers well, or blend much at all. I kept putting it off because of these issues, but finally this last summer at Heroes Con I took a shot.

Long story, but here's the final result of this sketch that was technically started 6 years ago and only now at a state that I don't mind showing it.

Scarlett - 558

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