Monday, May 6, 2013


Sketch done for Fred, who was such a great dude that was willing to drive me around everywhere this last weekend for my store signing in San Antonio. I don't typically draw women "sexy" it's not what I want my work to be known for. At the same time, this was the character he requested, and this is what she wears. If you think about it, she actually wears as much clothes as Wonder Woman, just in different places I guess. I'm kind of surprised DC comics lets some of these costumes go, I think probably it's allowed since she is an alien and has incredibly orange skin.

Kind of like Mystique in the X-Men movies, if someone is a different color than normal skin tones, you don't notice if they aren't fully covered (or in Mystique's case, pretty well naked) I think I'll get this one colored up, simply to show it's probably not as revealing looking with her skin tone, as it suggests in the black and white line art.

Anyway, I get lots of commission requests. Most of them GI JOE, but quite a few that are superhero related as well. I've always kept a standard of content that I would feel comfortable drawing, so I decline some commissions requests because of that. While this sketch gets close to that "line" I don't feel like crossing with my art, I think it's still respectful of the character. Some might consider me a prude about these things, but it's my art and ultimately my choice. I'm comfortable with that.

Starfire - 552

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