Friday, June 21, 2013

Deadpool on X-men blank colored....

Here was the Deadpool sketch I did on a X-Men blank cover comic. These blanks went from being something I hated to do, now to something I really look forward to. Initially it was because of a poor choice of paper finish on the covers. It made it near impossible to pencil and ink on. Now they've pretty well perfected the kind of cover stock to allow all kinds of art supplies to work.

What I enjoy most is that the title is on the drawing, and it can sometimes help tell the story, or atleast give it some context. Also with most sketches I do, I prefer to try and tell a story with the image instead of just a character standing there looking cool. With Deadpool that's usually pretty easy.

Colors by Sean Ellery!

Deadpool - 599

You can see Sean's color work here at his Deviant art Gallery!

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