Saturday, June 22, 2013

Snake Eyes...

This was a commission that I did for someone, then a little while later IDW asked if I had any art they could use for a cover. I happened to have had this one, and Snake Eyes was prominent in the issue, so it worked out great. That's actually happened 4 times over the years I worked on GI JOE. Fun stuff!

These aren't the colors that were used on the published cover, so I thought I show them. Colors again by Sean Ellery!

I just realized too that I'm up to post #600!! It's been nearly two years since I started this blog. I know it hasn't been exactly a sketch/day kind of thing, but it's crazy to think I've completed or been able to show over 600 pieces of artwork in the two year period. Crazy stuff. Thanks to everyone for hanging around, and spreading the word when I post updates on Twitter and Facebook!

Snake Eyes Colors - 600

I promise I didn't request that "Atkins Blvd" be destroyed. If I ever get a street named after me, I hope it fares better than this. yeesh.

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