Sunday, July 28, 2013

Arashikage Photo commission and Commission Updates!

So grand prize for my longest running commission goes to my now good friend Kris. I say good friend because he's been very patient, and over the last 4 years we've been in contact about this commission and other GI JOE related stuff. And yes, you read that correctly...4 years.

Arashikage Commission - 636

There's a lot that went into why this took so long, and I won't bore you with it. But it's hands down my longest standing commission, with a lot of start and stop along the way. Right now most of my commissions are a year or two at the most out, and I'm working feverishly catching up on them.

So now on the Commission Update part of my post!

For the most part I've worked on commissions in the order that they came in. The only exception to that is when I go to a convention and I do sketches at the show. The way I've viewed it is that conventions are a break from my deadline work and anything I have at home. It's a chance for people to come to the show in that city and get a chance to get a sketch from me. I can't get to everyone's sketches at the shows I do. So I give everyone who asked for a sketch the choice. Either we skip the sketch and we try it again next year, or I take the commission home and mail it to them when it's done.

Some want the sketch, and are fine with me taking it home. As soon as I go home, I have my deadline schedule that always takes priority, and I fit in commissions and surplus convention sketches as I have time.

I've always been upfront with people that if they want a refund on the commission (when they've paid upfront) I'm always willing to send it asap and take them off the list. I'm not out to sit on anyone's money or take advantage. In fact, in many instances someone has paid for a commission during my last years prices, and since then my commission rates have increased, but I'm doing the quality of art I can produce currently for last year's price.

So ultimately its up to how long someone wants to or is willing to wait, and I don't begrudge anyone for that being a long or short time. I obviously get paid for commissions, but it's not my main source of income. I don't do commissions for the big pay day, I do them because I appreciate that people want an original piece of my art. I do my best to make them affordable for the time I put into them, and it's often much less than my deadline project rates.

That said, I can certainly appreciate that when someone is on a list for a commission, they expect and deserve communication, and to see something produced in a reasonable time (reasonable obviously being subjective to that person and my schedule). I get that.

I'm in the process of doing inventory of all the commissions, convention sketches and/or blank covers that I have, and people want from me. I'm putting them exactly in the order I received them and will do them in that order. The only 2 exceptions to that are on a deadline due to the nature of the commission, and they've agreed to pay my deadline rates to increase production time.

If anyone is done waiting and wants off my list and would like to request a refund (again if applicable) or if they just want off my list (if they haven't paid upfront), again I can take you off, no hard feelings. I hope we can work something out in the future.

After all these current commissions are done and caught up, I will be doing all future commissions through Mike Alexander MGA (More Great Art). You can email him directly here (  to request rates and my availability.

Or check out his Comic Art Fans gallery, with examples of my work and other artists that he represents.

I will open my commission list to 3 spots. Then the list will close. My turn around time will be guaranteed within the month. Mike will handle that transaction and hopefully that will help me be more organized going forward so we don't run into this problem again. Also any pre-orders for upcoming conventions will be done through Mike as well. So if you email me, I will simply answer and forward your email to Mike to work out the details.

More than anything, I want to say how much I appreciate your interest in my work and those of you that have been willing to wait (sometimes years) to get a commission piece from me. With every piece I do everything possible to make it the best artwork that I can, and worth your wait.

IF you have questions on your current commission please email me and we can work out the details.


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