Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy....

This blank sketch cover is for Scott Reed, the promoter of the Burg City Comic show that's coming up Aug. 24th in Harrisburg, Illinois. It will be just the one day, Sat from 10am-6pm. I'll be there sketching and selling prints. If you're in the southern Illinois area I hope you can come by!

I was actually born in Harrisburg, and have only been back a couple times since I was a very small kid. So I've got some neat history there.

As for the sketch, this is my first time drawing these characters, though I've enjoyed them ever since the Abnett and Lanning run on the Marvel Cosmic books from a few years back. I'm excited for the movie being made from this property, and should tie in the Thanos hint at the end of Avengers bringing together the Marvel space  characters!

Groot and Rocket Raccoon - 618

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