Monday, July 8, 2013


Here's a sketch I did for my great friend Shane! I've had his sketchbook for a little while now, and I needed to get it back to him so he can fill it up with more amazing sketches from other artists at the upcoming conventions. He really has some great pieces in this book, a Bob Layton Iron Man, a Lee Weeks Winter Soldier, just to name a few. Beautiful stuff.

It makes me nervous hanging on to collector's sketchbooks, but I'm glad I got this done and will ship it off with out any problems. Sigh of relief!

When I first started the sketch back at Heroes Con, I was drawing in Hawkeye in mid-flip as he was shooting the arrow. I hadn't really sketched it in that tight, but I knew I'd be drawing in buildings and such at the bottom. My wife is sitting next to me and when Shane comes by to check out the progress, my wife ask's why I accidentally drew the sketch upside down. AGGGH! So from then on, of course everyone thought I did this by mistake, that I just had the book turned the wrong way when I drew it. I tried telling them I did it on purpose, but sure enough, no one believed me. My loving wife...always there to help at the cons.

Upside down Hawkeye - 616  
(Marvel universe sketch...see what I did there ;)

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