Sunday, July 21, 2013

Snake Eyes vs Spider-man!...

Here's a fun example of doing these blank comic cover sketches. Often I'll get asked to draw a character on a book, (generally a GI JOE character) but they have nothing to do with the book itself. So someone wanted a Snake Eyes drawing done on a Spiderman book. Just a head and torso sketch. 

I kind of don't get that, why not just get a Snake Eyes done on a piece of illustration board, unless they have something connecting them to the book itself. So in this case I took the initiative to include Spidey somehow, and Snake Eyes' reflective visor gave me the perfect chance to do this. It's subtle, its a little thing, but for me it makes the sketch sooo much more fun putting it in context with the title of the book!

Snake Eyes vs Spiderman - 629

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