Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is a sketch I did for Chris Campbell over at the Baltimore Comic Con. Chis puts on a great get together at his house the night before the convention and has been affectionately dubbed "Campbell Con" for many in the comic podcasting community.

Chris, like myself, is a HUGE fan of Valiant comics, both old and the newly released books. Valiant has resurfaced with a newline of books last summer including Bloodshot, Harbinger, Archer and Armstrong and XO Manowar. They've since launched Shadowman and Eternal Warrior with a recent company crossover called Harbinger Wars that was seriously fantastic!

I had the great pleasure of meeting the Valiant editorial crew at Heroes con and got to express my interest in the characters and how great the new books have been.

Ninjak was my favorite in the old line up, with XO Manowar as a close second. Joe Quesada and Bart Sears were two of my all time favorite artists in the 90's and they got me into the valiant books initially. In the recent books Ninjak first makes his appearance in the XO Manowar book, so you can only imagine how excited I was about that.

 This is my first Valiant related sketch I've done, and now I've really caught the bug. I hope to be able to do more in the future, and would love the chance to work on their books!

On this sketch, I did the Valiant logo in the bottom right and just added the red with copic marker, so the logo is on the physical sketch I did for Chris. Fun stuff! Ninjas are awesome...

Ninjak - 625

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  1. Nice! Ninjak was one of my favs too--love that chromium Valiant 90's goodness!

    As for this being your first Valiant sketch--I seem to recall you doing a Magnus Robot Fighter in the early days of your blog during the robot theme week. Just sayin' :)