Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spiderman Toy art and concepts

Here are some of the concept sketches and again the final line art that was used. I was given the mock up image to know the "window" size, or die cut opening I'd have to fit in art work. They'd take the image I would draw and mirror it on the opposite side of the figure. So in my mock ups, I did that so they could easily see how it would look on the final.

Spiderman toy package art- 610

Here was the initial look at the package art, and you can see the die cut openings to either side of the figure would have room for artwork. They wanted an updated version of Spidey, based on his current comic look and movie look (especially in the eyes)

Very quick sketches, 15-20 each Just to give some initial poses for ideas. But this was before I knew the opening for the art was going to be so vertical and narrow. Most of these poses would work better in a square opening.

These three options were either sketches I had already done or trying to fit the previous concepts into the opening and mirroring them for the client. They chose the middle one, so I went on to the final sketch. 

As shown in my last post, this was the final inks I did for the package art. I had to draw the entire figure so they could move it around in the opening and find the best way to position it. Also they can then use this full figure illustration for any other advertising or marketing uses later.

Fun job, I always enjoy drawing the character!

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