Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starfire Colors...

Here are colors for the Starfire sketch I did recently. Colors by Simon Gough.  My kids love Starfire, but mostly due to the older Teen Titans cartoon and the more recent Teen Titans Go cartoon. Of course she's dressed quite a bit more modestly on the kids show. I don't draw "cheesecake" or pin up girl art, it's just not something that interests me. I even find a sketch like this to be borderline because of the character's costume, but at the same time, Starfire is really a great character with a lot of established history. She's depicted in the older DC comics as a very strong and independent women. Sometimes naive to earth culture, but still very intelligent. I respect how the character is portrayed despite the costume. So my goal in the sketch ( like I do with Wonder Woman and other female characters) is to capture their strength, beauty and power. Not to play up the supposed sex appeal, I hope that comes across in my art.

Starfire Colored - 624

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