Thursday, July 4, 2013

This I COMMAND!.....

Believe it or not after working on GI JOE for nearly 7 years on various projects, this is the first time I've drawn a full shot of Serpentor. Crazy.

Very fun character to draw with all the textures he has on his costume. The glider he's on is very much based on the toy itself, I wanted to keep it pretty accurate to that. If I was going to just work on redesign stuff, I'd make the glider a bit sleaker and more detailed than this. But it does give you that nostalgic feel with the classic costume as well.

One of the craziest things about Serpentor is the shear number of times he bellows "This I COMMAND!" in the cartoon. Good grief he says it a few dozen times in the episodes that introduce him to the cartoon. So I'm sure in posting this I'm bound to get a few comments along these lines, but it's inevitable.

Serpentor - 612

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  1. Awesome job. I love the classic glider and costume.

  2. Amazing drawing, I loved all the 80s snake-themed villians...King Hiss and the snake men from He-man! Cobra-La! The Serpent Society running around in Captain America all great!