Saturday, July 13, 2013

Venom sketch...

This was a sketch I did a few weekends back at the Burg City Con down in Harrisburg Illinois. That was a fun little show. I went down as a guest, but not knowing really what to expect. Scott Reed, the show runner, is a great guy and was incredibly generous and a gracious host. The show was pretty steady throughout the day and I was able to fit in a few sketches/commissions throughout the day.

I only got to work on one issue of Venom for Marvel, but it was great fun. I was supposed to do more issues, but I was moved over to do the Castle run instead last year. Still I get a lot of these Venom sketch requests, and I'm always happy to do them. It's a cool character design and right up my alley mixing Superhero and Military.

Venom - 621

The scan is pretty terrible, not sure why. The scanner I use at shows usually does well, but maybe just not with pencil sketches. 

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