Sunday, July 14, 2013


Here was another commission done down at the Burg City Con. I've never drawn Witchblade before, though I enjoyed the early run on the comic. I haven't read the book in quite awhile though, so if anyone has a suggested arc, I'd pick it up.

Witchblade was a Marc Silvestri creation published in the mid 90's through Image Comics and specifically through Marc's company Top Cow comics. I remember Withblade #10 vividly because it was book my cousins had that introduced the Darkness character. Which quickly spun off into his own book. But it was my first look at Michael Turner's art and I was floored. His unique drawing of the figure and the amount of detail he put into backgrounds and props like the Witchblade power and gauntlet shown here really made an impression on me. Unfortunately, even though he was relatively young, Mike is no longer with us, but his legacy of art is carried on in the immense number of working comic artists that were influenced by him. 

This commission was 11x17, drawn and inked at the show.

Witchblade - 622

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