Sunday, January 12, 2014

GIJoe - Transformers Cross Over covers...

This was a recent double page cover I did for IDW's Transformers: Regeneration One #100 and GI Joe: A Real American Hero #200. I think these are retailer incentive covers and are pretty limited.

First I was just given a list of characters they wanted me to try and fit in. I did my best to try and squeeze them in. I labelled who all was in it for my editor Carlos. I was just told to  switch out Destro for Cobra Commander on the right hand side.

I did that, but also decided I could squeeze in a few more characters. I got Star Scream in just behind Snake Eyes and Optimus on the left hand side. I also changed BumbleBee so he was protecting Flint, and put the Baroness in the lower half of the right hand side. I still wanted Destro in there, so I put him in a Flight Pod "Trouble Bubble" in the center of the cover. It probably ended up too dense, but for me it was more about who I could fit in. 

GI JOE/ Transformers - 656

I'll post the inks and colors soon. 

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  1. There is so much going on in these two covers, they are like a story all by themselves.

  2. Amazing piece(s)! It's great to see you drawing Joes again along with Transformers. Any chance you'll be offering the inked version as prints? Either two separate or one single?

  3. love it! I want a print of this. will be trying to find a copy of these covers when they hit

  4. Another Great set, love the rendention on CC.