Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wetsuit - GI JOE...

A quick Wetsuit commission. I'll be reworking my schedule a bit, to make commissions more of a priority. Kind of starting up my sketch a day again, and since I have plenty of commissions and con sketches to catch up on, I'll have no loss of characters to draw.

For those of you waiting for a commission, thanks for being so patient. Just keep an eye on my blog and facebook and I'll have it done as soon as I possibly can.

As for Wetsuit, I haven't drawn this guy since GI JOE V1 issues 21 and 22 covers for IDW. Both were some of my favorite covers to that point. They seemed exactly like the kind of old school "Special Missions" book I'd love to draw if IDW were to launch it.

Wetsuit - 665

IDW Covers-

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  1. I'm lucky that one of these is mine!

  2. Robert you need to check your mails or give us a new mail to contact you