Monday, June 2, 2014


As it turns out, I'm actually currently working on a Batman project. It's not for DC Comics directly, but instead through the publisher Random House. I'll post artwork for that as soon as I'm able, but it's very fun to be working on Super Hero stuff again. I'm wrapping that up very soon. I'm starting a new mini-series of 3 issues soon with a new property. I'll post more about that as I can as well.

Until then, I'll be able to show my progress on various con commissions, whittling down my longstanding commission list, and my list of Kickstarter Commissions from the Elders of the RuneStone campaign.

An update for that Kickstarter will be going out very soon, but just to do a brief update here, we are halfway done with issue #3 and nearly halfway done with issue #4 for the line art. We have publishing options in place as soon as the work's done and our goal is to have that all wrapped up and all the rewards mailed out in the late fall. So between now and then keep an eye out for updates on the kickstarted commissions and artwork through my blog.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us for your patience! The production delay has been entirely on my shoulders as we've needed me to fit in work around my deadline schedule and that's always difficult. I've had a few breaks recently that's allowed me to work out new layouts and keep production going for the next few weeks.

So on to my sketch. This was done at the recent Heroes Con for Jeff Streeter. Cool dude, and has already commissioned quite a few pieces from me. This sketch was done in his very accomplished Teen Titans sketchbook with some pretty amazing pieces already in there.  This is the Dick Grayson Batman from when he took on the Batman mantle a few years ago. You can mostly tell it's not the Bruce Wayne Batman through his gauntlets and bat-utility belt design.

Batman - 667

My next convention will be Baltimore Comic Con, This coming Sept. I'll be in Artist Alley.

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