Friday, July 11, 2014

Marvel Villains Jam...

I got to work on a few Jam pieces at recent conventions. A Jam is where a collector will get an artist to draw a loose layout for multiple characters and then take the art board around to various artists at a show and have each of them draw a character. So in the end you'll have a group shot of characters, each drawn by a different artist. I enjoy these, as it's cool to see your work right next to other artists I'm usually a great fan of. Also a neat way to see a variety of art styles all together.

On this one it was Marvel Villains, it was basically just beginning. I worked on Loki, Clayton Henry worked on Winter Soldier and Craig Rousseau had worked on the Kang. Hopefully I'll get a scan when it's all done.

Marvel Villains Jam - 683

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