Saturday, July 12, 2014

Snake Eyes - Cuma Tak Ri Tactical knife sketch...

I've been meaning to put up a new post about this for a while now. I met Waysun Johnny Tsai years ago at a comic convention in Chicago. Right when I was first working on GI JOE. He was a great guy and supported my work very early on. I got to meet him and his family, and especially enjoyed talking with him and his son Noah. Johnny has owned and taught at a number of martial arts and combat training schools. He teaching combat and outdoor survival classes now in the Chicago area as well.

Right before I started on the Snake Eyes solo series from IDW, Johnny had developed a new tactical knife. Produced through Tops Knives, this new design was based on the martial arts Kukri fighting knife and merged that into a practical, modern combat knife. At another show in Chicago he showed me the prototype he had with him and asked if there would be a way to include it in the books. It was perfect timing as I was just starting that first story arc on Snake Eyes. 

I was excited to use such a unique and practical looking knife, something that would look very natural on our combat ninja character. I included it on nearly every cover, and anytime in the books that Snake Eyes used a knife I'd have him pull out his Cuma Tak Ri. 

Recently at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC I had someone with a great sketch request! They wanted me to draw Snake Eyes on their Cuma Tak Ri training knife! 

It had a nice flat surface, I was only really able to use sharpie as I wanted it to be permanent and the ink wouldn't bubble up on the metal surface. So there was only so much detail I could put into it. But this was really a great culmination of my partnership with Johnny on this amazing knife. I still use it whenever possible in my work. If you get a chance to check out Johnny's site and Facebook page you can still purchase these knives and own the knife Snake Eyes uses in the books!

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  1. This is beyond awesome. I really need to get one of these knives . . .