Saturday, August 9, 2014

JSA - That's my Jam!

So I'm going to apologize for the title pun right upfront, This was a Jam piece I worked on at Heroes con. This guy who commissions these awesomely HUGE pieces, has had me work on a Teen Titans and a Spiderman one before this. Possibly more. But each of these is larger than a normal sized poster. Each figure standing up like this is over a foot tall. The hardest struggle when working on these is just handling the large piece of paper and getting comfortable drawing with the board so far away and your arm fully extended to work on the head.

The first one I can remember doing for him was the Spider-Man Jam. To solve the size issue, I just put the piece on the floor (on top of some clean cardboard) and drew Venom while I was lying on the ground behind my table. It's something this guy always reminds me of when I talk to him at shows.

So for this JSA piece, I was right after Mike McKone who drew Starman. I drew Wildcat, and you can see that there are a number of other characters ready to be filled in by other artists throughout the show.

WildCat - 688

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