Sunday, September 7, 2014


Cable is actually one of my favorite X-Men characters. In my top 5. I know some might not agree, or think that's off base...but I'm entitled to like what I like. To me he's such an epitome of what the X-Men were when I first started reading the book. All the good with the bad. From his initial design and depiction by Leifeld, his concepts of being Scott and Jean's son, but sent to the future now returned to the present but clearly older and more battle hardened then his father.

I think there are times his character has been done well, and those are the moments that endeared him to X-fans. I don't normally get to draw these big wacky sci-fi guns too. Usually it's very specific military weapons based on real life. So it's always fun to make stuff up for these.

This was a long standing commission, that I'm finally getting time in my schedule to wrap up  leading up to NYCC. Whittling down that commission list feels good. It'll be great to be back to a clean slate and have an organized way to do commissions moving forward. I'm really looking forward to that!

*quick side note, this is officially the 699th sketch I've posted on my blog since I started it 3 years ago. I've taken a few hiatus' since my initial year long sketch a day challenge. So while I haven't kept it exactly a sketch-per-day for 3 years, I have posted more days than I haven't in that time.

Cable - 699

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