Tuesday, September 9, 2014

IDW Signature Series....POST 700!

So we're finally here at post 700! I'm still plugging away, even with the occasional hiatus of posts. Over the last year I've been working on these IDW Signature Series Black Label sketch plates. These were wrapped up and I realized I hadn't posted the last few of the batch.

To keep you from having to go back and search for the others, here's the full list of 16 original art plates that will be available when you purchase GI JOE Vol 1 Black Label series from the IDW Signature Series Line.

It was always my intention to make these a higher quality sketch. Instead of just a quick head shot, or scribble as my warm up, I spend at least a few hours on each and tried to incorporate a bit of story or environment into them. With me not on a regular Joe book often these sketches kept giving me a chance to fit a Joe sketch into my schedule on occasion. Let IDW know if you like these and what you think about getting original art with your book purchases! Just fill out this contact form and your message, or tweet and message them on Facebook!

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IDW Signature Series Black Label 
Original Art Plates (GI JOE) -

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  1. Awesome as always--all of the SE's are amazing. I also got a kick out of your use of the NERF longshot in the last Destro sketch!