Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Airtight...

I'm continuing to try and focus on the more obscure side Joe characters instead of just posting every angle and pose of Snake Eyes and Baroness imaginable. Airtight always cracked me up in the cartoon. If you ever wandered why he wore his helmet so often, his receding hair line could have been the culprit. Hasbro always did a great job making GI JOE characters seem like they could be real people, anyone that you'd meet on the street. Sure some were that square-jawed soldier (Duke and Flint) or near super heroic in their abilities (Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow). But often you had guys that were gloriously average looking 'Joes. Even some with less then average intelligence (Bazooka..sorry big guy).

While it's unusual when I get a requested commission like Airtight, I really enjoy working on them. It's even more enjoyable when I can get Simon Gough, colorist extraordinaire, to take a crack at it!

This one in particular, I knew, needed colored to really pop!

Joe-A-Day: Airtight - 717

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