Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Crimson Guard Commander...

Another GI JOE: Battleground piece. I didn't get the chance to do many of the Cobra characters for the game, it would've been great to go through a whole list of vipers, troopers and henchmen. When this figure came out, I wasn't collecting the Joes as much. As it was I only had a limited amount of figures growing up. A good friend of mine had buckets of figures and I'd go over to his house and play with them. I had a few of my favorites and figures that I got as gifts. I didn't have an allowance or any way to make money and spend it besides what I got at Christmas and Birthdays. By the time I was old enough for that I was buying comics mostly.

So again with the Battleground game, I got the chance to research out this figure more. I was very familiar with the Crimson Guard but not this Guard Commander figure as much. He was very cool to draw, I've always enjoyed that viper/guard helmet in its variety of forms across the line. 

Joe-A-Day: Crimson Guard Commander - 720

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