Monday, December 15, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Darklon....

Alright, I gotta throw my hands up on this one. I had no idea who Darklon was when I was told to draw this guy for the GI JOE Battleground game. I mean from it's original 1982 inception there have been 528 GI JOE characters created....So I gotta say I'm not going to sweat not knowing a few.

However, the one thing I remembered about this guy is way back when I had drawn a cover for Devil's Due America's Elite #33 where I drew every Cobra character created to that point...I HATED drawing this Darklon helmet. I had no idea who this guy was, but MAN his helmet was a tough nut to crack.

Then again for the WWIII event for Devil's Due I was tasked with designing the "Plague" group of Cobra characters. Again, it was a basic design across the group but they retained their original helmet or head pieces, and this Darklon helmet was a bane to draw.

A third time this character strikes to defeat me, but finally I was able to break this helmet down, work it out and it really wasn't that difficult this time around.

Darklon..I still don't have a clue who you are and I have no desire to find out... and your gun is weird.

Joe-A-Day:...Some dude named Darklon - 723

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  1. "DARKLON is a distant cousin of the Destro clan and the last of a long line of privateers, mercenaries, and investment bankers. From his cast-iron castle in the Alps, he dispatched his private armies to do battle fro the highest bidder until Destro called upon him to lead his legions in his bid to take over Cobra.

    'Completely unhindered by ideology or ethics, Darklon is motivated purely by greed. His telephone solicitors have been known to drum up business for his mercenary army by offering 'reasonable hourly rates' and cash rebates!'"

    Quoted from the original filecard (from my collection).

    Now you know . . .