Friday, December 19, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Outback...

Outback. What a perfect example of how awesome GI Joe can be! Raise your hand (and be honest) how many of you know who Outback is?

Now you die hard Joe fans who read the comics and actively collected the toys...You'll know this dude. You might even know that the "Survival" on his shirt isn't his just his job description, it's an acronym from the U.S. Army Ranger Handbook
  • Size up the situation.
  • Undue haste makes waste.
  • Remember where you are.
  • Vanquish fear and panic.
  • Improve your situation.
  • Value living.
  • Act like the natives.
  • Learn basic skills.
What I love most about Outback is how he exemplified what was done in the Marvel comics run of the 80's. He was part of a small team mission in issue #61. In that issue 3 members of his team were captured. Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick. He was told to leave and head back to Joe headquarters to get help. HE DIDNT WANT TO GO, but obeying orders went anyway. 

They continued this story in the Special Missions #6 comic. This story cross over was fantastic! Making it back to Joe headquarters undetected shows Outback's skills, but also his character. Back at headquarters Leatherneck and Mutt (also two favorite Joes of mine!) lay into this guy for leaving Joes behind on the mission and there's a brief confrontation between them all. There's just so much story and character depth in each one of these books. I love that it crosses over, but doesn't take a big summer event to do it, instead the cross over is a single story about one GI Joe and his struggle with fitting into the team. good!

Joe-A-Day: Outback - 727

This guy is a survivor first. It makes sense why my good friend Johnny Tsai loves this character! Waysun Johnny Tsai (the creator of the Cuma Tak Ri knife I use for Snake Eyes) also teaches wilderness survival training as well as martial arts instruction. 

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  1. Awesome piece Robert! And I love that storyline as well. May need to re-read those issues today . . .

  2. Outback is one of my favorites. And yeah, that multi-issue story arc was awesome. The cover with him hiding below the snow ridge with the soldiers standing over him was the best. Your Outback piece ROCKS, Rob!