Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Sgt. Slaughter....


Man, I love this guy. I know he came a bit later in the 80's GI Joe run, so he's not everyone's favorite. For me, it was the first time GI Joe really came to life. I could watch this guy on the GI Joe cartoon, then watch him wrestle on the TV as a real person. On top of that, Sgt Slaughter was such a large personality, you couldn't help but notice this guy. In the cartoon when he first appeared in the cartoon he took on just a huge squad of Battle Android troopers. AND HE WASTED THEM! 

So for this sketch I wanted to reflect that. I met the Sarge this last year in NYCC and he's every bit the personality you'd expect. He's obviously older, but man that chin is still just as intimidating. My sketch is certainly how I'll always remember him in my mind!

Joe-A-Day: Sgt. Slaughter - 731

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  1. awesome piece. great job capturing his look

  2. I wish they had this kind of quality art for the Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe covers. Maybe people would buy them then.