Sunday, December 7, 2014

Joe-A-Day: Snake Eyes...

When I draw GI Joe there seems to be no shortage of Snake Eyes. I know there are many Joe fans that feel like he's used too much, and there is certainly some truth to that. He's a popular character, and it makes business sense to bank on that popularity for toys, comics etc...

This particular Snake Eyes was a lot of fun, and was an illustration for the GI JOE: Battleground game. Some of you might have seen it there. I really enjoyed this one because it gave me a chance to draw the character in an environment specific uniform and gear (a little shout out for the goggles!). Plus I thought it appropriate for this time of year! Not sure what the creepy skull necklace was for though? Anyone with insight into that?

EDIT: Just got the answer! it's Kwinn's necklace from early on in the GI Joe Marvel comics. Snake Eyes ends up with it. Totally blanked on that one, thanks!

The job only required pencils from me, so unlike most of my other posts this illustration/sketch isn't inked. Right now working on America's Army, I don't have an inker on that project either, so this is about how tightly pencilled all my pages are for that book.

Joe-A-Day: Arctic Snake Eyes - 714

Also a quick shout out, Happy Birthday to my awesome big sister Elaine Atkins-Manley! Check out her Facebook page, it's all kinds of comics and pop-culture goodness!

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  1. That's Kwinn's necklace; Snake Eyes ends up with it during the mission in the comics, I cannot remember why.

  2. Ah that 's right, I was totally blanking on that. Well spotted!

  3. God DAMN. I've been a fan ever since I saw those first Snake-Eyes turn-arounds, and I swear I've never seen more detail in your line work! The texture and shading on the gear, the foreshortening of the Uzi; even your body language is better!

    Amazing as always, Robert!

  4. Happy Birthday Elaine!
    Elaine and I went to the same High School; she was a freshman when I was a senior. So I already was a fan and wished her a happy birthday.

    You must have went there too, but I was long gone by then.

    Love watching "hometown" folks doing good!