Thursday, December 11, 2014

Joe-A-Day : Tunnel Rat...

Tunnel Rat wasn't a character I was as familiar with before I started working on the GI JOE comic. He was always there in the background for various cartoons or comic issues I had read. But for whatever reason, he flew under my radar. I got to draw the character quite a bit in the first couple arcs of IDW's GI JOE and quickly loved drawing this guy. All of his gear was very different then the other Joes, and whenever you have that kind of variety, I gravitate towards enjoying those characters more.

This was the Tunnel Rat card art I got to do for  the GI JOE:Battleground game. I figure with the game no longer creating new content, and recently putting out articles that show the art, it's alright to show a lot of the artwork I did finally.

Joe-A-Day: Tunnel Rat - 718

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