Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recent commission progress...

I've still been busy as usual these past few months. Fun projects all around, but unfortunately most of it is work that I can't show. I'm currently drawing 2 issues of "X" for Dark Horse comics. Issues 13 and 14. I'll be done with that by mid-April and should be able to fit in another round of commissions then.

For anyone that has an outstanding commission that you're waiting on from me, please email me again for an update.

This Ultimate Spiderman commission has been one that was a long time coming, and finally wrapped up. I've been a huge fan of this series since it started all the way through the Ultimatum storyline. I haven't read as much with it's relaunch a couple years back, but intend to.

The commission was originally just to show Peter Parker changing into Spiderman, it was left to me to decide how much of the transition was done. One thing I liked about the Ult. version was  how often he just had his school backpack on,  and even used his Spidey identity to get to school on time, or leave mid-way through class to get to an emergency. So that's what I was going for here.

The commission ended up taking so long, I wanted to add a bit extra to make up for it and added the villains gallery in the back representing the threads Peter faced throughout the series.

Over all, the long awaited commission was a blast to do and I'm glad for the chance I had to complete it!

Ultimate Spider-Man
Final Inks:
Steps of the process: Layout, Breakdowns, Final Pencils.

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