Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thor from Malta!...

This was a commission I did while I was at the Malta Comic Expo last Nov. Again, finally getting around to cleaning up the scan I had. Man, what an experience that was! Everyone running and helping with that show did an amazing job for a first year con. I've never seen any group roll with the punches, adapt and implement coordination on the fly like they did. Every new show has a few growing pains, and trial and error. I've seen shows deal with it the following year and each year improve, but I've never seen it happen so abruptly day to day.

This sketch was for Andrew, one of the guys who helped me and my wife the most throughout the show. Great guy, and I was glad I got to fit this in while I was there. Another great opportunity at smaller shows is to get to know the other creators set up at the con. I got to meet and genuinely get to know some of my favorite artists like Yanick Paquette and Mahmud Asrar, and either meet or keep in touch with the writers who attended as well. Ron Marz, Mike Costa, Joe Harris and Darren O'Toole. As far as I know the show will be held next year as well, I'm looking forward to going again if at all possible.

Thor - 737

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