Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daily Sketch: Batman Rogues Gallery...

Here's a batch of Batman's bad guys! I'm almost done with my current pencilled batch of Batman related characters. I'll be showing some JLA stuff in the next week along with process shots of various commissions I'm getting started on.

All these recent Batman images I've been showing are available to purchase. They are pencilled on 11x17. Each is individually priced, so if you're interested in one of them, just email me directly and I can give you the details!

Batman Rogues - 754

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I have a new set of art books titled- " Robert ATKINS Art: Declassified"  They are 60 pages each, full of the black and white sketches that you've seen on my blog these last few years.

I have 3 volumes. Vol. 1 is strictly GI JOE artwork, Vol 2 is MARVEL Comics Characters (X-Men, Avengers, SPIDERMAN, Etc...) and Vol. 3 is DC Comics characters (SUPERMANBATMAN, JLA, etc..) These are for sale, you can simply email me directly and payment is taken through paypal. They are $10 each and $5 flat rate shipping for 1 or all 3. I have these available at the conventions I set up at, but if you can't make the show, you can purchase them through my blog as well. You can email me if you need more details.

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