Saturday, July 25, 2015

Daily Sketch: Cyborg...

This was a fun, pretty straight forward, Cyborg sketch for the project. I went back and forth on how "bulky" I made him look. I think this looks a bit too simplified for my tastes. I like his old school look a bit more. Cyborg has such a long history and has been used a number of ways throughout the DC Universe. In recent years he was "promoted" into the regular JLA team and has been featured in a LOT of the DC animation. My kids loved Teen Titans, and now the Teen Titans GO cartoon series. Which that's obviously a much sillier version. However, he's pretty intense in the recent Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis movies, along with Flashpoint and even Justice League: Doom. For being such a prominent member of the team, I don't find a lot of fan reaction for him, or that he's anyone's favorite character.

If you really dig this character, let me know. Also if there's a definitive run, or story arc that made you really enjoy his character development, I'd like to read that.

Cyborg - 762

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  1. Cyborg has been one of my favorites since watching the old Super Powers cartoon back in the day when I was a kid. I even had a Cyborg costume that I would wear around complete with an aluminum mask that covered half my face that my dad helped me make. I also love him on the Teen Titans Go 'toon whenever I watch that with my boys.

    Nice piece here and really enjoying the revived daily posts. Keep it up!