Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Sketch - Snake Eyes vs Wolverine!....Post #800

For my 800th post, I wanted to make sure this one was a big enough piece. This commission was a LONG time coming. I still have a few of these I really need to get done. This was a blast to work on, it was X-Men and GI Joe that got me into comics years ago, and are still two of my favorite properties. So this commission was a fantastic fan moment for me.

If this is a "who would win" conversation...I think it's inevitable that Wolverine does. Snake Eyes is easily the better fighter, but with Wolverine's healing factor, SE just can't hurt him as fast as Wolverine can heal. Still it would be a fight for the ages.

Snake Eyes VS Wolverine - 800

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  1. Ho Mr Atkins I send you a email and a note withe the name of Mike mist, did you read them?