Friday, January 1, 2016

Back with New Updates!!!

Hey everyone! We'll get this blog rolling again with regular posts. I had to take a hiatus for various reasons, mostly due to deadline work.

Just a few announcements, this Wednesday Jan 6th, an issue of Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen from Dark Horse Comics will be available to purchase at your local comic shops and online. I was just a fill in artist on this issue as that's all I could fit into my schedule, and they happened to need someone right as I became available. So it all worked out, but kept me busy throughout Oct. and early Nov.

It was an awesome character to work on, and a book I thought that suited what I like to draw. Also the Joe Con comic from last spring was solicited and is available to purchase. When Joe Con rolled around, we only had half the issue done. If you can find a copy now at your local shop or order online, then you'll get the full Tiger Force story. That issue was a lot of fun to draw, getting back to GI Joe and drawing those characters and that type of action. There were all kinds of hurdles getting the issue done, but I'm glad we were able to wrap it up and how it turned out. Pete Sinclair was a lot of fun to work with from Fun Pub and the Joe Con group.

I've also been working on a series of TMNT variant covers for IDW and Blindbox. Blind box is a company that does subscription based variant covers, but you can also purchase the covers separately after the issue's release. They are more action figure variants, like the GI JOE versions that I did earlier in the year. We'll be working through the whole main cast of heroes and villains of the TMNT universe. I believe totaling 13-15 covers. Plus they are doing a vintage variant where each of the turtles will have red bandanas like in the classic comics.

For my sketch today, I'm working through my commission lists of past shows, and my "at home" commission list of larger commissions. The larger commissions take longer in general and are harder to fit into my schedule unless I have a week off in between projects. Then I can get one or two in. The next couple days I'll post the smaller commissions I've done. I have a few larger illustrations completed, and then some other art that I've been meaning to post but just haven't had time since the summer.

Duke - 801

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