Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Daily Sketch: B.A.T.

This was another Joe sketch on a blank comic cover, I realized the only time I've drawn a Battle Android Trooper was in my Sgt. Slaughter sketch. (p.s. they didn't fair so well against that guy) They look a little more intimidating here. If I had more time I might've put a few more rows of BATs in just gray marker behind, to suggest a full battalion of these guys. I think that's were they are intimidating is the sheer volume of them. But they seemed like a push over too much in the cartoon, I like to think a B.A.T. would give any Joe a hard time when 1 on 1 to make them a more serious threat. When you treat them like fodder, it takes away the drama when they show up.

Anyway, super cool design on these guys, I've always loved their mix of Viper design and the cool robot stuff on the front of their chests.

B.A.T. - 805

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