Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Daily Sketch: Mo' Snake Eyes...

Another blank cover, Snake Eyes in action. I've said it many times, I never get tired of this character. Though his uniform is probably one of the more time consuming/detailed of the characters I usually draw, I still get excited to draw him every time. When someone asks me to draw Snake Eyes, they usually start with "Man, I know you must get tired of drawing him, but could you do a Snake Eyes sketch for me?" Almost without fail that's how the conversation starts. Luckily, I'm always happy to do it and I try my best to come up with a new pose or way to draw him. That's keeps it exciting, and luckily he's an agile character so I can vary the poses drastically from sketch to sketch.

This one also sporting the Cuma Tak Ri knife that was designed by Waysun Jonny Tsai! A good friend I met years ago at a Chicago comic con. These knives are available to buy, they're crazy versatile, and pretty intimidating. You can check out his Facebook site here:

Snake Eyes - 806

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