Thursday, January 7, 2016

Daily Sketch: Serpentor...

The GI JOE continues. I've got just a few more Joe sketches done and ready to post, then we'll shift over to the Superhero characters I've done lately for a bit. I know all the Joe fans here would like this to go on all year, but it turns out, I DO actually get requests beside GI JOE every once in a while.

So I'll post this one and one more Joe related sketch, and then I've got 4-5 superheroes to post up. After that though, I still have a backlog of GI Joe commissions to get to, and we'll probably jump right back in to "Joe-A-Day" until those are all completed!

Here's a Serpentor leading the troops for today's cover sketch. I have another Serpentor to do, but that's more of the late 90's Devil's Due design. Which I also liked, and it's quite a bit different, so I don't mind doing them so close together. I also wanted to mention that this request was specifically supposed to be similar to the 300 movie poster with King Leonidas and the Spartans behind him. So if the composition looks vaguely familiar, I wasn't just hoping to pass this off. It was specifically requested. I like the idea, and I think it's appropriate. In general, I have a harder time getting the same kind of intensity or energy in a commission when the composition is dictated to me. At the same time a customer has every right to get the drawing they want, and some have a very specific thing in mind. I don't mind working on commissions where the composition is directed, but it can be confining at times.

Serpentor - 807

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  1. That Serpentor is fantastic. I can't wait to see the Devils Due style one too. And you are correct Robert, us Joe Fans do wish the sketches would remain joe themed. When you excel at something the way you do GI Joe, it's hard for us not to binge watch your Joe Art!