Sunday, January 3, 2016

Team Up that needs to happen...Deadpool - SnakeEyes...

One of my larger commissions that got wrapped up recently. This was a lot of fun to work on!

I've been meaning to something like this for years. I do like the Deadpool character quite a bit, but only in some iterations. I think he can be done a little too over the top, and I prefer a more pg-13 version than the video game and upcoming rated "R" version that will be in the movie. Still, I do really like the runs of comics and Joe Kelly and Ed McGuininess' break out run that defined this version of the character. I think Reilly Brown and Paco Medina are my favorite Deadpool artists that have had substantial runs on the character.

As far as the team up goes,  I enjoy that they'd have similar weapons of fighting. However, I don't know that you could get two more different kinds of characters with this kind of fighting style. I'm looking for the "perfect" caption to put above Deadpool's head there in the upper right for a colored print. Any suggestions are welcome!

 I will be doing a limited run of this as a color print, signed and numbered. Anyone that gives me a suggestion that I use for the caption on the limited run prints will get a free print shipped directly to you!

Snake Eyes/ Deadpool Team Up - 803

Here is the layout and a few progress shots as I went along.

The background was a bit of an afterthought. In my layout, I knew I wanted something, but figured I wouldn't have much room. For any aspiring artists out there, this should prove there's always more room for backgrounds and depth. Also, look how much more story this added to the piece. We see the antagonists this way and it increases the level of threat. In my mind, Snake Eyes was investigating the Red Ninjas of the Arashikage clan and followed them to this warehouse. Deadpool was given a marker to follow "the HAND" (red ninjas from the Marvel Universe), and saw these ninjas gathering at this warehouse. When confronted, it would make sense that Deadpool and Snake Eyes would have to team-up and Snake Eyes would get an ear full the entire time. 

I would buy that comic :)

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  1. My idea for a caption: "See! I told you I could talk us out of this! You should really try it my way sometime!"

  2. Caption: "Talk about silent but deadly"

  3. What's your New Year's resolution? I hope to start more conversations with people.

  4. You're being unusually quite today Snakes. Just sayin'

  5. Ever think that others might like to get a word in, hmmm?

  6. Spray it, don't say it!

  7. Ninjas Assemble!