Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daily Sketch - Baroness and Destro.....

This was a fun commission to do, I really enjoy the commissions that tell a story. This is a POV shot of someone doing a deal with Destro and Baroness. Baroness offering up the promised money in a case, while Destro carrying similar cases for the transaction, one of which hides a timed explosive.

That sounds about right for these two, typical M.A.R.S.  or Cobra business practices when it comes to arms dealing.  I have a few more commissions for this same guy, and am just as excited to get to them as well, lots of great description and ideas for illustrations.

I have a wide variety of people who commission me, some are very specific in what they want, and others leave it open for me to decide. I don't mind either way really. I feel a bit more pressure to "get it right" with those that have an exact idea in their mind of what it should be. Otherwise, I find them both typically fun to work on. I enjoy how different the process can be for either approach.

Baroness is one of those characters that has a very distinct look. I think I have gotten closer to getting that down over the years. There are still a few characters I'm working on nailing down to what I think is their iconic look, but with Baroness I think I'm pretty close.

Baroness and Destro - 818

Some process shots

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