Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Daily Sketch: Cobra Commander...

I'm all set for a productive summer! Normally my summers have not been as productive in the past. My wife is home from work and kids are home during spring break. Since my studio is here at the house, lets just say I get quite a bit more visitors during my work day in the summer. Visitors, while very welcome, can also be distractions that keep me from being productive. But we've got a great plan in place to make this year different, and so far it seems to be working just fine!

I've also got in place a specific plan for handling any remaining commissions before I completely restructure how I'm going to do these going forward. I have some con sketches to finish, a few long standing larger commissions to wrap up and a set of Kickstarter commissions to tackle. When those are all done, I'll officially re-open my commission list, but this time with a guarantee turnaround time!!! I know...minds blown.

So each day this summer, I'll be getting back into my daily warm up grind that worked so well a few years ago. I set a timer before the work day begins and I work on a commission. Each day I will post on my Instagram account the progress I made.

If you have an outstanding commission, that's where you'll go to get updates and progress shots. As soon as that commission is done I'll post the final piece on Facebook and my blog.

I'm positive by keeping up that schedule this summer I'll be fully caught up to open up commissions in the fall!

First up in that line of over due sketches was this Cobra Commander, which was a lot of fun to do! I haven't had a chance to do a commission of this guy in his helmeted glory in quite a while.

Lets see how this new initiative goes, Cheer me on, Give me feedback, Let me know what characters you want to see!

Cobra Commander - 821

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