Thursday, June 9, 2016

Daily Sketch: Colossus...

Relatively quick head and torso sketch on an X-Men blank cover of Colossus. As I was working on this I think those around me watching were interested to see how drawing metal works. It kind of looks like I know what I'm doing...but they weren't sure. Then I'd add an extra detail like the lines going around the forms of the arm, and suddenly the arm carries so much more weight. Then I go back and with a white pen add that extra highlight on top of each band of metal to give it a slight bit of depth. When the white cuts through the shadows and highlights of the metal, it give the forms some separation and again, it helps solidify the metallic look.

There were so many times I'd see art growing up and it seemed like magic how someone could recreate a texture or impression of a surface. Ultimately it's a matter of understanding 3 dimensional form and then having a formula that you keep consistent over the surface. Thought it's a bit demystified, I do enjoy trying to find out new techniques and formulas for textures I'm not as comfortable with. Always learning!

Colossus - 822

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